1. The Claims
The claim or claims, shall be stated clearly and concisely.
The statement of the claims must contain the following.

1) The independent claim or claims
These specify the protection sought among the indispensable constituent matters of the invention. The number of independent claims shall be resonable in relation to the nature of the invention claimed.

2) The dependent claim or claims
These limit and embody technically the preceding independent claim or claims. If necessary, such independent claim or claims may be further limited and embodied technically by the consequent dependent claim or claims.
The number of the dependent claims shall be resonable to the extent necessary to limit and embody technically the independent claims or other dependent claim or claims.
A dependent claim shall refer to one or more claims which may be the independent claim to which the dependent claim pertains or another claim or claims referring to the independent claim and shall be presented by using the number of the claim or claims referred thereto.

2. Amendments
It is possible for applicants to make amendments at any time before a notice of allowance or first preliminary rejection issues.

3. PCT Translation
The Korean Patent Act has been amended to unify the limit for
nationalization of an international application in Korea to 31 months from the priority date.

4. The priority document for PCT
(1) Any person who has claimed the priority under PCT shall submit to the Administrator of the Patent administration a document specifying the date of patent application as recognized by the government of the state to which the first application is filed specification of the invention and copies of drawings within one year and four months(16months) from the date of the first application which is the basis of such claim
for priority with a certified translation thereof. (Korean Patent Act 54)

(2) The period as referred to in the paragraph(1) fails to submit priority documents. Korean Patent Office request the specification of the invention and copy of drawings to the International Bureau(WIPO) and publication within 14 days after receiving a copy of the priority document and the applicant must be furnishing of a copy of the priority document together with a certified translation thereof within two months from the ublication date.
The above of them if the specification of invention and copies of
drawings in PCT are same in priority the application shall specify on the patent application the purpose thereof except translation into Korean.

The substantial examination of patent application shall be carried out upon request for examination to the administrator of the patent administration with FIVE YEARS(5) from the filling date thereof(In case of PCT from international filing date).
If a request for examination has not been made within the time limit the application concerned shall be deemed to be have
been with drawn.
If you want to reduce the number of claims to be resonable level for economy in expenditure, will be voluntarily amendment by simultaneously with examination requested within five(5) years from the filing date thereof (PCT case from international filing date).

6. The Term of a Patent Right
The term of a patent right commences upon registration of the patent right ends twenty years after the filing date of the patent application.
Utility model right ends ten years after the filling date of the utility model application

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