The Korean Copyright Act was enacted in 1957. Although the Korean Copyright Act generally followed the model of the Japanese Copyright Act effective at that time, it incorporated more progressive provisions in view of new trends. In addition, to keep pace with the transforming international arena, Korea joined the Universal Copyright Convention in 1987.

Copyright is established ipso jure upon the creation and the issuance of works, and registration is not required for copyright to be established.
Registration is only necessary to be effective against a third party.
The period of copyright protection is limited by the Korean Copyright Act and shall subsist for the life of the author plus fifty years thereafter.
The scope of copyright is widened. The protection is not limited to the items listed and works may comprise all other items having academic or artistic character.
Government or public agency documents, current news, public presentations, and the like are stipulated as non-works and in special cases, some restrictions are imposed upon copyrighted works by means of which the general public is able to use such works more freely.
In addition to the author's property right, the personal right of the author is protected.

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